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Business Plan Summary

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Sahaja Aharam Retail is a Farmer to Consumer (F2C) initiative to create a meeting ground for nature-friendly consumers and farmers started and owned by Sahaja Aharam Producer Company which is a farmer owned enterprise registered under Producer Companies Act.  This initiative

–blends the values of traditional bazaars with ecological concerns

–to build a new supply chain on Farmer to Consumer (F2C) model which helps

  • Increasing farmers’ income

–by realising better prices for their produce, locally grown by adopting ecological farming practices

–More employment opportunities by value addition and selling processed produce .

  • consumers in getting access to healthy and diverse food
  • at an affordable price

One of the key challenge is the working capital. Current bank interest rates are very high and we are looking for Social Investors/supporters who would like to part of this initiative

  • individuals or institutions who/that choose to invest in sustainable/socially conscious enterprises and seek to maximize both financial return and social good
  • support small and marginal farmers, women farmers, dalit and adivasi farmers to improve their livelihoods

How to invest in Sahaja Aharam Producer Company (SAPCO)

  • Softloans or grants: As it is registered as a producer company, only producer can become share holders. The non-members can give soft loans or grants.
  • Upfront payment for annual purchases: as consumers, you can also choose make upfront payment for their annual purchases against which they can buy their monthly groceries.

What does an investor gets out of investing in SAPCO?

1. A maximum interest of 6 % per annum on simple interest basis. The Investor can also choose to use the interest for further support of farming families.

2. Social good in terms of more and more farming families adopting ecological farming practices, and reducing the ecological foot prints of food

if you are interested please contact us at or call on 08500783300



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