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  1. Am expecting cookware and pottery items too. When can we expect in online or in outlets

  2. Do you deliver in Bhayander thane Maharashtra

  3. Can we get Sahaja aharam products in any store in Hyderabad or it has it’s stores hyderabad, where can we get if not with online ordering ?

    1. dear sreedhar
      we have 8 stores in hyderabad details
      we deliver at home free if the minimum order is Rs. 3000, and have nominal charge below that.

  4. Please mention the cost of organic vegetables and fruits. If possible mailto:

    1. dear vamsikrishna they are available at store at variable prices

  5. Sir when are u starting the services in gurgaon?
    Organic food sold here esp the vegetables and fruits are of 4 times the actual price.

  6. Hi, I have paid for my Order number: 6717 through PAYTM. Please acknowledge and let me know when can i expect its delivery to my home.

    1. I have placed my order on December 9th and it is still on hold. And the worst part is i have not yet received any order confirmation or payment confirmation on mail till now even after three days…

      1. My order got delivered today. Thank you.

  7. I am individual. Can I sell your products in New York City?
    I saw a talk on ted Hyderabad by ramanjaneyulu mentioning your company title “poison on our plate”

  8. నేను ఆంధ్ర నుండి మీరు హైద్రాబాద్ tedx లో చెప్పిన ఆ video ని చూసాను చూసి చాలా స్ఫూర్తి పొందాను నేను btech చదివాను నేను వ్యవసాయం చేస్తాను నేను వరి అలాగే మొక్కజొన్న పంటలు వేస్తాము మీరు చెప్పిన విధముగా నేను చేదం అనుకుంటున్నాను అవి ఎలా చేయాలి వాటి విధానం చెప్పగలరా ఒకవేళ మీరు videos ఏమైనా ఉంటే పంపండి ధన్యవాదం

  9. Dear Sir, i have ordered on March 1st 2018. It’s not yet delivered. Please look into it.

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